3 cool-girl ways to show your love this Valentine's Day




Commercialism aside (thanks, Hallmark), we could all use a day devoted to love. If you’re looking for a little hands-on action with that special someone, we’ve got a few fun and flirty ideas up our sleeves (yes, the ones we’re wearing our hearts on)!


  1. Take it off, take it all off . . .

We’re talking razor stubble, girlfriend, not 50 Shades of Grey. (Of course, what you wear — or don’t — is totally your call.) Because there’s nothing like a close shave to make his V-Day exciting. To soften up that five o’clock shadow, first give him a spa-ahh moment with G10 Radiance Peel, our retexturizing treatment pads infused with 10% glycolic acid. Then, lather up his face, and glide his razor over his skin, using smooth, even strokes. All, guaranteed to make his face even more kissable than it already is.


  1. Enjoy a little sexy face-time

Share an afternoon delight that’s totally indulgent: a feel-so-good facial. Our Hydrating Treatment Mask is a super-nourishing hyaluronic acid-based formula that pumps moisture into skin (just what super-drying February weather calls for) to smooth, plump and firm. Apply generously to his face and neck, while he does the same to yours. Then, relax for 10 to 15 minutes, and rinse thoroughly with warm water. During the downtime, enhance the romance with a playlist of mood-fueling songs, some delectable finger foods (for feeding one another) and a chilled bottle of bubbly. Be sure to set the timer, just in case you get carried away!


  1. Get into each other’s hair

Remember how much fun it was to play beauty parlor when you were a kid? Recreate that feeling by treating your Valentine to a salon-style head massage, shampoo and styling. First, use various strengths of pressure to rub the scalp, front to back, and side to side. Then, suds up with Strengthening Shampoo, which gently yet thoroughly cleanses the hair, while helping to repair and protect it from future damage — and massage again. Rinse thoroughly and follow with Strengthening Conditioner. Finally, brush or comb to style, and blow-dry or simply let air-dry. Voilà . . . Looking good, sweetheart!


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