4 reasons you need a skin cleanse now



If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to get fit, we hope that includes north of your neck and shoulders, too. Because your complexion deserves to be in its best shape, just as much your body does. And a detox ritual is the perfect prep step (for both) — a powerful way to eliminate the negative. Now that’s getting 2017 off to a positive start! 

1. Overindulging over the holidays

The build-up of toxins from a binge of sugar-laden treats (alcohol, too!) from Thanksgiving to New Year’s can take a heavy toll on your skin. Start the purification process by sipping a cup of hot water with a squeeze of fresh lemon in the morning. And don’t skimp on 8-10 eight-ounce glasses of water during the day as a natural flushing agent.

2. Moisture-sapping indoor temps

When the thermostat kicks in to counteract the frigid weather outside, the humidity inside decreases. As a result, your skin turns dry, dull, flaky — and pores can quickly become clogged. For the new year, a new skin-rejuvenating ritual: Apply gentle yet powerful Multi Action Penta Peel, with five naturally derived acids, before your shower. Wait five minutes, then rinse off and see your skin transformed — resurfaced and renewed.

3. Environmental aggressors on the attack

Pollutants bombard your skin on a daily basis, from smoke and smog to chemicals in the air. Even the tiniest particles lay on skin, building up in a fine layer of film, which causes pores to become congested, and unable to release these toxins readily. C-Scape High Potency Serum 25 gives your skin the strength it needs to fend off free radicals, while helping to prevent and correct signs of aging and skin damage.

4. More makeup than usual

As winter progresses and skin looks even paler in artificial office lighting, many of us try to achieve a semblance of a summer tan with bronzer, faux tanner or foundation. The problem is, we tend to use a heavier hand to compensate for that ghostly pallor. Thorough makeup removal  at the end of day is a must to keep skin clean and clear. Too tired to even think about taking it off? Try Express Waterless Makeup Remover, a clever one-step moisturizing cleanser to remove every last trace of makeup, even the most stubborn, without water.



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