5 Things to Do to Dramatically Improve Your Skin This Fall


Your summer skincare regimen may have served you well, but fall brings a whole new set of challenges, from a dull-looking complexion to a breakout due to a change in environmental stressors. We’ll let you in on a little DCL secret: On even the most challenging days, your skin can look gorgeous and glowing. Just follow our lead . . .


  1. Sync your skincare with the seasons

Fall’s cooler, drier temps call for increased hydration. “Lower humidity in fall and winter has an impact on your skin,” notes Joel Rubin, Senior Vice President of DCL Research and Development. “Cold weather draws out moisture, as much as the sun.” Tweaking your regimen can be as simple as adding a weekly treatment mask. Binge-watching your fave Netflix series? Bask in a mask at the same time and reap the beauty benefits. Ranking among DCL staffers’ addictions right now: Hydrating Treatment Mask, a super-nourishing hyaluronic acid-based formula that pumps moisture into skin to smooth, plump and firm.


  1. Reveal your natural radiance

An essential step in any skincare regimen, a chemical exfoliant is even more important as the weather changes and dry, dead cells build up on skin’s surface. G10 Radiance Peel, clever retexturizing and radiance-revealing treatment pads infused with 10% glycolic acid, designed for all but the most sensitive skin types, is coveted by just as many around our offices for its effortless use: It polishes, perfects and encourages healthy cell turnover in one clean sweep!


  1. Treat blemishes at the root of the problem

The best way to ensure skin stays blemish-free and glowing (without the shine of excess oil!) is to cleanse with a bacteria-fighting, benzoyl peroxide-spiked face wash, a few times a week, at least.  Getting major kudos from our office colleagues: B Prox 10 Anti-Blemish Wash, loaded with the targeted ingredient that goes inside pores to kill bacteria-causing acne and reduce inflammation.


  1. Prep skin for its most restorative beauty sleep

When you’re off in dreamland, skin is in a resting state, too, with cells’ regenerative power at its peak. To maximize its de-aging potential, leave skin slightly damp after end-of-day cleansing to allow your night cream to absorb better and do its best work. DCL devotees swear by C Scape High Potency Night Booster 30, enriched with 30% anti-aging L-ascorbic acid and Vitamin C Complex, to amp up collagen production in those areas most vulnerable to sagging: the face, neck and décolleté.


  1. Layer your skincare in the correct order

What to apply when? It can be confusing, so here’s your go-to guideline: Cleanser, essence lotion or prep step, moisturizer (with sunscreen), serum, booster. What our skincare gurus-in-residence are loving now: the one-two punch of Hydra Boost Finishing Serum layered over Skin Renewal Complex SPF 30 for: 1) all-day moisturization; 2) a smooth, even base for makeup; 3) safe and effective daytime exfoliating power with 10% glycolic acid; and 4) protection against environmental stressors, UVA and UVB rays, and free radicals.



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