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Welcome to Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories (DCL) blog, your source for skincare tips, ingredient spotlights, innovations and more. If you’re new to us, you may not realize that our brand is over 30 years old and our team of scientists pioneered many cutting-edge skincare technologies you know and love. We collaborated with physicians to create formulations for some of the best brands in the business. All the while, we quietly put our own skincare items in the capable hands of thousands of dermatologists to dispense to their patients.

DCL boasts a full range of offerings for face, hands, hair and body. While most skin care products focus only on the dermis we’re committed to targeting all four components of the skin (the stratum corneum, epidermis, dermal epidermal junction and the dermis) for visible, long lasting results. Through our research, we’ve found that each of these layers play a crucial role in skin’s health and appearance, locking in moisture and nutrients, eliminating toxins and maintaining cellular communication. All of this is key to ensure skin looks its absolute best and remains healthy.

DCL targets these skin layers by harnessing the power of the four pillars of cosmeceutical advancement, namely, peptides, vitamin C, retinoids, and AHA’s. In fact, DCL’s research and development lead Joel Rubin developed the first commercial products formulated with the latter.

Stay tuned for more!
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