Here’s How To Get Glowing, Gorgeous Skin For A Night Out On The Town

 Night Out


September is a great time to schedule catch-up dinners and drinks with all those people you adore, but haven’t seen since before Memorial Day. Now that summer is over, you’re traveling less and making the most of weekends in town with friends and family. Here’s how to ensure your skin will look positively glowy for its fall debut.



Always begin with a clean canvas for your makeup masterpiece! Take off existing makeup with DCL Express Waterless Makeup Remover, which expertly eradicates even waterproof cosmetics. The one-step moisturizing cleanser works for all skin types to cleanse skin thoroughly, even on the go!


Next, clear away dead skin cells and complexion-clogging gunk with a quick application of DCL G20 Radiance Peel. This intensive resurfacing at-home peel will rejuvenate your skin, thanks to 20% glycolic acid for powerful anti-aging and anti-acne benefits.

Apply A Mask

When you want instant skincare results, a mask is your key to success. If your skin is dry, slather on DCL Hydrating Treatment Mask to soothe and hydrate! The hyaluronic acid will help minimize the signs of sun damage. If your skin is oily, a quick 10 minutes with DCL Detoxifying Clay Mask will deep clean pores and keep oil production at bay throughout the night. Put on your mask while you’re in the shower and boom: masking while multitasking.


A few spritzes of DCL Skin Freshener post mask application will revive and hydrate your skin, creating a damp surface for moisturizer so that it can better penetrate into your skin.


Create a moisturized face base before your makeup with DCL Peptide Plus Cream. This luxe formula features four anti-aging complexes to moisturize, protect, brighten and rejuvenate, all in a single product.


Now it’s time to apply your makeup! Whether your look of choice is a no-makeup makeup effect or a full-on glam moment, your need for foundation will be minimal. Next up: night-out hair!

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