Keep It On Your Desk: How To Fix Makeup Mistakes With Skincare


It’s the working gal’s woe: You apply your makeup in the early a.m. and by 2 p.m., especially in the sultry summer months, your carefully applied face is a distant, faded memory. How can you refresh and revive your look without painstakingly reapplying your entire cosmetics scheme at your desk, or worse, establishing residency in the ladies’ room and primping in the workplace? Read on for some easy touch-ups you can do at the office using DCL skincare to reactivate what you already have on.


Clean Up A Crooked Cat-eye

If your feline-fine liner look has evolved into a less-than-clean line, take a pointed Q-tip, dip it into a small amount of moisturizer — we like DCL Ultra Comfort Cream — and shape it to your liking. Taper that end, slay that scene and jump on that next conference call with renewed gusto.  


Refresh Cakey Concealer

This one’s so easy, you can do it while firing off emails. Take a small amount of DCL Peptide Plus Eye Treatment and pat, don’t rub, it onto your undereye area to revive your concealer if it’s started settling. Apply more concealer over top of it if you need a bit more coverage.


Mix A Custom Tinted Moisturizer

If you’ve sweated off most of your foundation walking back from your lunch break, not to worry. Instead of busting out makeup brushes, foundation and powder all over again, simply take a small amount of foundation or concealer if you need more coverage — about a dime-sized drop — and mix it with an SPF-spiked hydrator like DCL Ultra Light Hydrator SPF 30. Use your hands or a sponge to apply all over your face. Done and done.


Treat A Blemish While You Work

You know better than to pick your blemishes, but waiting for them to heal on their own is like watching paint dry. Speed the process by dabbing on a clear treatment like DCL Spot Therapy on with a cotton swab during the workday. Wait a few minutes for the product to dry, then apply concealer using a small makeup brush, blending out the edges so that it’s undetectable. Its concentrated formula is powered by 2% salicylic acid to help clear breakouts quickly, while preventing new ones from forming. It’s like a mini facial while you’re working.

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