Side-Stepping Razor Burn: How To Achieve The Smoothest Legs Imaginable



During these hot days of summer, it’s all about smooth, gleaming, super-soft legs. They are the ultimate accessory and pair perfectly with your go-to summer sundresses, skirts and shorts. But nothing gets in the way of a sultry leg day more than some uninvited stubble. Are you ready to experience the ultimate game changer? Here are some tips to avoid razor burn and ensure your legs will look their best.



Exfoliation Station



Before you turn on the water in the shower, take the time to give your legs a good rub-down with the scrub of your choice. Dry brushing your legs is another great option. Exfoliation is especially important if you have keratosis pilaris, a common skin condition in which dry, rough patches or tiny bumps occur on the arms and/or legs. Turn on the shower and make sure the water is warm so that your pores open, making it easier to get a closer shave. Wait a few minutes before starting the shaving process to all the warm water to work its pore-opening magic.



Razor Focus



Your choice of razor is key when it comes to avoiding the unsexy results of razor burn. When you reach for your guy’s razor, the sad reality is that you are likely to end up with nicked knees. If you’re going to boldly go (where many women have out of necessity… or because they were out of other options), at least lather up with a good shaving cream or gel first, to protect your skin. Disposable razors tend to fall under the “you get what you pay for” heading. There is a time and a place for disposable razors however, such as weekend jaunts where packing even an extra refillable cartridge would take up precious bag real estate. Typically, disposable razors are a single or double-blade affair, but if you can find one with at least a triple blade, you’ll get a closer shave and fewer nicks.






To lock hydration into the skin post-shave, apply a textured moisturizer while you’re still in the shower. It’s best to apply it after you turn off the water and before you reach for your towel for long-lasting results. DCL C Scape High Potency Body Lotion is an excellent skin-smoothing choice. It exfoliates with Lactic Acid and a sugar- and fruit-acid complex to enhance cell turnover and resurface skin, creating a fresh, healthy appearance with beautiful texture and uniform tone. The lotion also features Vitamin B5, which conditions and hydrates, while easing redness. The result? Totally touchable legs.


Gorgeous, satin-smooth legs are always in fashion! What are your secrets to a stunning shave?


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