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We know that beauty is more than skin deep and that our skin is more than just a surface to polish or cover up with cosmetics.  The skin is actually the largest organ in the body and performs a number of vital functions, including:  

• Serving  as a protective barrier
• Shielding the body’s delicate tissues from injuries
• Insulating the body  from heat and cold
• Eliminating toxins
• Guarding against excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays
• Helping to produce the body’s supply of vitamin D
• Enabling us to feel pain, cold, heat, touch and pressure
• Preventing infection by defending us against pathogens

So we believe in giving this major organ the respect, care and full attention that it deserves.  And we start by treating skin as a whole with our proprietary Total Skin® approach to skincare –nourishing, strengthening and protecting all four of its key components, which are:

1. The Stratum Corneum
2. The Epidermis
3. The Dermal Epidermal Junction
4. The Dermis

Each of these regions plays a crucial role in skin health and appearance, including locking in moisture and nutrients, eliminating toxins, blocking out dirt, bacteria, viruses and pollutants, and maintaining cellular communication.

But despite skin’s complex composition and multiple functions, most skin care products only focus their attention on the dermis. We believe, though, that for optimal skin health and appearance you can’t pick a favorite child, and that no matter what your skin type or concern, you must address all four of these components in unison.  Because of our uniquely comprehensive Total Skin® philosophy, our products nourish, repair, fortify, clarify and refine skin, while preventing future damage, to achieve profound visible and long term results.

With over three decades of research and product formulations to support our direction and product efficacy, we work to improve lives by improving skin health with substantiated, premium and extraordinarily effective ingredients in wonderfully luxurious product forms.

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