Editor’s Picks: DCL Active Mattifying Cleanser And Tonic

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Summer officially starts later this month, but we’re already well into the sultry weather that accompanies the season. Keeping cool, blemish-free and matte requires a little strategy. So this month’s Editor’s Picks help to mitigate breakouts due to sweaty outdoor workouts, while keeping skin perfectly fresh and matte. Whether you’re a spinning enthusiast, a rockin’ runner or a barre babe, here’s 2 products you’ll want in your gym bag until Labor Day weekend. It’s all about this simple cleanser and tonic combo.


DCL Active Mattifying Cleanser gently cleanses oily/breakout-prone skin without drying it out. It works to eliminate excess sebum, keeping blemishes at bay. A cool-water splash at the end of your face-washing session helps to close the pores and cool you down.  Do a double cleanse, washing twice with a cloth or cleansing device for best results. This helps ensure you’re getting rid of all makeup, sunscreen, and sweat.


DCL Active Mattifying Tonic  is a post-cleanse, pore-purifying toning treatment formulated to gently yet thoroughly remove lingering makeup and excess oil. A swipe of this after cleansing and before makeup application ensures your makeup will stay put and never get reflective on you.


Use both skincare products before and after a workout to keep pores clear and skin looking smooth and radiant.

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