American Academy of Dermatology Recap

The American Academy of Dermatology is one of the largest organizations of dermatologists in the world! DCL Skincare is proud to have been a part of this annual event for so many years - this year in San Diego, California. At the event represented by world-renowned experts in the field of dermatology, we spoke about our truly innovative products. We highlighted the importance of Vitamin C and our product the C SCAPE HIGH POTENCY NIGHT BOOSTER 30 with 30% pure Vitamin C that you apply at night!  There was also lots of talk about our incredible glycolic acid peels the G10 PEEL and G20 PEEL  and of course our PROFOUNDLY EFFECTIVE A CREAM SPF30 - that’s right a Vitamin A, rentinol product you wear during the day thanks to the SPF! - you’re welcome ;) The Dermatologists visiting our booth loved our innovative products and message: Park what you know about skincare, we're flipping it on it's head! 




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