Inside Space Talks DCL's Multi Action Penta Peels

Inside Space from Space NK wants you to know all about DCL's Multi Action Penta Peel!

For anyone new to using peels, writer Georgia Day recommends DCL's Multi Action Penta Peel as her first choice on a list of best peels to use. She raves, "this powerful peel offers skin the chance to rediscover its elasticity whilst also diminishing lines and wrinkles."

Also, in an article listing New Year Skincare Habits everyone should embrace, Charlotte Clark's Rule Two is to "make friends with acids." Specifically, DCL's Multi Action Penta Peel.

She says, "We love DCL’s Penta Peel which combines five different types of acid; for those who prefer a lightweight serum-like texture. If it’s your first foray into acids, begin by using them twice a week to build up tolerance and always test first to check how your skin responds."

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