Get Your Beauty Sleep: Wake Up To Healthier Skin

 DCL Wake Up To Healthier Skin


Whether your skin needs mega moisture or acne-fighting products, a night cream is the most efficient way to deliver the ingredients directly to it, while your body is in repair mode. Waking up to healthy, moisturized skin only takes a few minutes at the end of your day and the benefits are plentiful. Here is a quick and easy nighttime regimen to adopt into your routine.

The first step, of course, is to cleanse and remove dirt, oil, makeup and other impurities from your skin. Pollution, dust, smoke from cigarettes, all of it needs to be purged from your pores. A cleanser to try: DCL Balancing Cleanser, a creamy formula that lavishes dry skin in moisture, while carefully cleaning and expertly exfoliating to help refine texture and yield more even skin tone. Follow it up with a spritz of DCL Skin Freshener to remove any debris left behind post-cleansing. Finish with a cool-water rinse to close the pores.

A thorough cleansing and toning session will allow your night cream to penetrate more deeply into the skin, so now it’s time to prime your skin for mega moisture, if anti-aging is the goal. Pat your skin dry, but leave it slightly damp to allow your night cream to do its best work. (Now’s a good time to recruit your significant other into his or her own nighttime skincare routine!) A nocturnal moisture moment is great for all skin, regardless of gender. Apply a dime-sized dollop of DCL C Scape High Potency Night Booster 30 to your face, neck and decollete to amp up collagen production, thanks to a 30% formulation of L-ascorbic acid and Vitamin C Complex.

For a clarifying nighttime treatment, swap out your DCL C Scape High Potency Night Booster 30 for an even application of DCL Clear Skin Anti Blemish Hydrator. Spiked with 2% salicylic and lactic acids to help clear existing breakouts while keeping new ones at bay, all while providing gentle hydration.

Keep these nighttime potions by your bedside as a reminder to slather some on every evening before you retire for the night. You’re sure to wake up glowy. A little effort at night goes a long way.
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