How to get through the holidaze stress-free



As much warmth and cheer are in the air this time of year, holiday stressors (think traffic jams, dinner with your boss, visits with the in-laws) can put you in a tailspin. Don’t freak. Our chill-out tricks will take you to your happy place in no time.


  1. Make a list — and check it twice.

Feeling on overload with gift shopping (and wrapping!), baking, and all the holiday get-togethers? Prioritizing your tasks and events can help relieve that angst. And don’t forget to put exercise at the top of the list: a daily workout does wonders to lift your mood. Hydrating, too. Aim for eight glasses of H2O to nourish your body — and for your skin, try Hydrating Treatment Mask, a super-nourishing hyaluronic acid-based formula that smooths, plumps and firms.


  1. Push back.

No, we’re not talking a little elbowing at holiday sales. Literally, we mean ‘NO.’ As in “No, I’m sorry, I just can’t take on one more project.” Or “No, I really can’t host a dinner party for fifteen.” Knowing your limits — and sticking to them — helps prevent burnout before the holidays get into high gear.


  1. Whistle a happy tune.

Waiting for a parking spot at the mall doesn’t have to get your blood pressure boiling. Experts believe the simple act of whistling, humming or singing (search your playlist for upbeat tunes) helps relieve stress and lifts your spirits.


  1. Call time-out.

When the hustle and bustle starts to feel overwhelming, take a break. Slip on your coziest pj’s (even in the afternoon!), sip a cup of hot cocoa, watch a favorite holiday movie on Netflix. And wash away the stress with Ultra-Comfort Cleanser. Formulated with deeply calming and hydrating ingredients, it leaves skin soft, soothed and clean, and you feeling positively serene.


  1. Think nice (not naughty) thoughts.
Focus on the beauty of the season, not the naysayers and their negativity. Helping an elderly neighbor put up her wreath, donating to a local food or winter coat drive, dropping off old blankets at a nearby animal shelter . . . these are generous acts that will warm the hearts of others — and your own! — while helping to keep stress at bay.
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